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Why Lease

Leasing affords you and your business certain advantages. In an effort to acquire equipment, you may feel compelled to act quickly to keep your operation running smoothly. At Syndicated Leasing, we provide you with information about the leasing process so that you understand the transaction and benefits of working with our experienced specialists.

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If your business is considering the acquiring new equipment, Syndicated Leasing can arrange lease financing that meets virtually any set of specific needs on almost any kind of equipment - either new or used. We also do "software only" leases and approve equipment that others reject such as ATMs, furniture and fixtures.

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Client Services


Restaurant/Café/Espresso/Food Service/

Minimum two years lessee time in business required. Expansions in new location after minimum time in business accepted if using same DBA as original location.

Dry Cleaning
Minimum two years lessee time in business and/or time as current owner required. Used equipment more than five years old will have maximum term of 36 months and $1.00 buy out residual.

Vending Industry
More than two years lessee time in business required.

Mortgage/Loan Brokers
More than five years time in business required.

Owner/Operator of Independent Trucking
No applications accepted when applicant primary business is interstate/intrastate trucking. Exceptions are as follows:

  • Fleet operators defined by Syndicated Leasing as those who verify operation of at least five truck/tractor power units; ten or more employees and permanent office with regular business hours; existing or previous Syndicated Leasing customers with satisfactory payment history.
  • Companies acquiring day cab/no sleeper trucks for companies that primarily haul locally. Fleet requirements will be waived with evidence of home ownership and/or current hauling contract indicating routes and turnarounds not to exceed one day. Photo or site inspections may be required to verify day cab status.
  • If long hauling and local hauling is not the primary business Syndicated Leasing accepts bucket/crane trucks, cube vans, delivery trucks, dump trucks/trailers, garbage trucks, logging trucks/trailers, tow trucks/wreckers or any other type of commercial vehicle not used as additional/support vehicles for interstate trucking or hauling businesses unless excepted above.

Time in Business
Time and validation of time in business are important requirements of applications submitted to Syndicated Leasing. Please refer to the Application Submission section for more information on proper validation of time in business.

New Ownership of Existing Business
Companies with more than two years time in business are accepted under new ownership if location and name of business remain the same. Pricing will reflect greater time in business, with financial statements required for applications over $20,000 including Automatic Funds Withdrawal documentation.

Start-Ups and Businesses Less Than Two Years Old
Due to added risk with start-ups and newer businesses, applicants must prove higher levels of credit history, financial strength and stability than established businesses. Lease payments must be made via (ACH) automatic funds withdrawal.

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Financing Options for Businesses

If your company is in need of a working capital loan, a refinance on real estate or equipment, accounts receivable financing, has a difficult credit history (including liens or prior bankruptcies) or is a start-up enterprise, Syndicated Leasing can probably make it happen for you.

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