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Why Lease

Leasing affords you and your business certain advantages. In an effort to acquire equipment, you may feel compelled to act quickly to keep your operation running smoothly.. At Syndicated Leasing, we provide you with information about the leasing process so that you understand the transaction and benefits of working with our experienced specialists.

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Improve Your Company's Cash Flow

When you lease equipment, you avoid large cash outlays because you don't shell out big down payments. You want to free up your cash flow and not feel that your money is tied up. With a variety of payment options and programs, leasing allows you to free up your working capital.

Tax Advantages

Lease payments are tax deductible most of the time. You can effectively lower your business tax liability with a record of payments for the life of the lease. The tax benefits of a lease typically outweigh those of an outright purchase.

Improve Your Company's Profits and Growth

Profits are improved when you lease because you aren't investing in equipment that becomes obsolete. Companies do not want to invest in equipment that doesn't have appreciative value. In today's fast paced, technologically advanced society, we experience rapid changes. Leasing allows gives your company more flexibility because you aren't locked in to keeping obsolete equipment. The flexibility of our lease terms effectively allows your company to upgrade and take advantage of newer technologies. Why incur a loss on old equipment if you don't have to?

Creative Financing

Syndicated Leasing can design programs to lower your payments for a period of the lease. We have access to a network of investors who finance those complex deals with varying terms to meet your needs. We also have the capability of full spectrum funding, meaning we can finance businesses with excellent credit to those who are credit-challenged.

Preserve your Company's Credit

Leasing does not impact your business's credit line because it is not a loan. When you leave other credit lines open, you are free to purchase other items that may make more sense to buy outright.

Make your Equipment Work for you

When you lease, the equipment pays for itself as it is used to generate revenue.

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